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Data Logging Software

Software description

Connectivity between EWS indicators and a pc can be easily achieved by using a suitably enabled indicator and then installing one of our software download utilities into the computer.

The software is designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The data may be transferred to the PC via a wired USB port, Ethernet link or our wireless transmission package.

All of our wireless handsets include a data output link as standard.

Multi scale option.

Up to 20 devices may be displayed and controlled on screen this can be any of our indicators or via our digital load cell converter.

 A vehicle wheel weighing option allows each of the wheel weights to be displayed along with their percentage value of the displayed total.  

Center of gravity module


This utility allows 4 load cells to be positioned and dimensioned on screen for length and width between load points .The virtual plan is scaled to represent these ratios and displays on screen a red dot representing the center of load point. This is also shown as an X, Y, dimensions. Further data includes a grand total of the loads and the individual load value of each point, along with its percentage of the total. The screen data may be saved to a user selectable job file and can also produce a hard copy printout.

Data Logging Utility.

The actual weight reading is shown on screen and the data may be stored manually or the data may be automatically logged at user settable time intervals. The user may input the destination file name and the data is then stored to this file in c.s.v text format allowing transfer to an Excel document.  

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