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Special Applications


Designed and built in the UK and fully certified to EU type approval

How can I link the indicator to a PC?


Note that applications that connect to a PC for the purposes of issuing commercial invoices based on the weighing data will require our ALIBI memory feature in order to conform to the legal requirements.



 All Indicators have a user selectable PC output option that when selected outputs a text string of weight data automatically upon each measurement cycle. The PC would require a suitable software application in order to capture the data


A free download app allows a suitably configured indicator to connect either hard wired or via a radio link to a standard USB port of a host PC. A virtual on screen weight display mimics the indicator display and data may be stored in a user named file for import into a spreadsheet. Applications are also available for multiple weigher applications


    METHOD 3

 The indicator may be specified to include a USB memory stick V drive option. Data is then stored locally into the memory stick which may be later removed from the indicator and downloaded into the host PC.  

What are the printer options?

LABEL PRINTER ZEBRA GC 420D   £350.00 + vat

We have a number of label formats available or as a no cost option you may specify your own layout. Can include user programmable PLU memory for product descriptions


The indicators can be connected to a suitable tally roll printer. Standard formats may be selected from the indicators built in library or you may specify a special format on order.




A bar code wand option may be included, this connects to the indicator and the read data may be added to the print format or PC output data

How can I automate weighing processes?

As we design and manufacture the product we can offer a free bespoke system build to suit your requirement. For over twenty years we have built automated weighing systems for most of the leading weighing machine suppliers these include batching, vehicle weighing, and radio telemetry, weigh counting and check weighing. Contact us in order to discuss your application.





Application: a cost effective unit to interface with a PLC or simple relay control, silo mode, fork lift truck, animal weighing.


4-20MA Analogue output, 0-10vdc analogue output. 4-20ma transducer input rather than mv load cell input. Up to two 100ma output relays or voltage free inputs. RS232C I\O



Application: advanced systems. Uses the options for bespoke event sequencing and control to client’s specification. Comes as standard with user selectable option to control fast slow batching with inflight compensation or negative batching from a holding silo (requires relays)


 4-20Ma analogue output, 0-10vdc analogue output. 4-20Ma transducer input rather than mv load cell input. Up to eight output relays can be specified AC or DC with 2amp loads. Up to eight voltage free inputs for remote start\ stop, interlocks or event flags. Up to two RS232C ports. Two weigh platform inputs. V drive USB memory stick data capture. QWERTY keyboard .Bar code wand input. Dynamic weighing. Recipe system control. Weigh count..